Bivocational Fulfillment

Being bivocational is the fulfillment of a multi-year journey. One I admit that I reluctantly traveled to a bittersweet conclusion. Being bivocational means I remain on staff at Indian Creek in a pastoral (but volunteer) role AND my full time job is now working as an Evangelist (Sales) for a recently created technology and marketing startup, Element 8, LLC,

The weaving of two roles, one in the church and one in the marketplace, is the new strategy crafted to meet my life mission of connecting people to Christ and the Church.

From Indian Creek I receive what the IRS calls “1099 income” serving as a leasing agent for Indian Creek facility space for some in the community, premarital counseling, weddings, and funerals but my main income now derives from the full-time work my fellow co-owners and I pursue, Element 8, LLC. They are a phenomenal team of brothers and sisters in Christ: Jason and Valorie Wilson, Fred Briggs, and my amazing wife Karmalene. We work hard to provide excellent, affordable, trustworthy technology and marketing solutions that meet our customers’ needs. We want to work so closely with our customers in achieving their success that they can readily call us partners.

In the middle of 2009, as I started the new bivocational journey I wrote, “As a follower of Christ, who wouldn’t want to be spurred on toward loving and doing good? Okay, I would really rather be pleasantly asked or subtly enticed or perhaps gently “nerfed” on toward love and good deeds. But, I would get done far less loving and "good deeding". One of my new prayers is that by becoming bivocational I am spurred more than ever toward love and good deeds. Please join me in that prayer. I am getting gladder by the day about being spurred into being bivocational as our new company begins its first steps in fruitfulness and as the Connect Team retools for this next season at Indian Creek. I am more and more excited about the future God is shaping us to conquer and deeply saddened at the loss each of us will have in workmate experiences, work schedules, and remuneration. Please take extra time right now to pray especially for those most affected, those you are close to, and then the whole. Also, be creative in how you honor their past service. Please.”

Today, I ask that you continue praying for every person affected by the changes that were made in staff and the consequences of those changes. The loss in this process is palpable, fueling all the vagaries of grief for me and mine, and many, many others. It has influenced each person who had their job cut or removed and each one who decided to make the cut or elimination. Pray that we move on with alacrity to meet the mission God has called each of us to pursue and that we will quickly feel His affirmation in our obedience. Pray for unity of purpose; powerful grace-giving, life-fulfilling love, and all glory to God in the preparing of the Bride, the Church.

Indian Creek is still developing strong teams working in partnership with each of our growing campuses to connect our God-given gifts (our guests) to Christ and the Church. You can find a place to serve in

  • the Ten Minute Parties; we need people to manage environments, be a host to our guests at the Party and in the Atrium, pay attention to the shared information from our guests and pass it along to staff and the rest of the connect team when appropriate, and invite
  • all the guest follow up of calling, e-mailing, card writing, continued inviting, and managing all the rest of the relationship follow up
  • Starting Point; the key event we use to catalyze relationships, where folks work at managing the environment, hosting tables at the door and hosting in a few other capacities, helping care for the younger guests including kidzFriend making, continued inviting, and continued following up

Prayerfully consider where you will serve and then please talk with me about friendly folks you feel might fit into any of these roles—or simply encourage them to come with you or to talk with me at a Ten Minute Party.

With most of my hours now committed to my marketplace position as a co-owner of Element 8, LLC, it is now even more obvious that growing ministry will only occur as I ask others to join in the work of ministry at Indian Creek. Please help develop teams to work doing any of the following:

  • invite and meet with potential guests (premarital counselees, Chamber of Commerce event and other community event attendees, staff and volunteers at local schools, etcetera
  • welcome and follow up with our current round of guests (encouraging their participation in Starting Point, Alpha, groups, and other invitations including baptism classes, Leadership Community, decision follow up; spiritual and/or relationship counseling, Stephen Ministry connections; and a variety of Wednesday night and other special activities)
  • follow up with those moving to connect (service placement meetings, group connection follow up, answer spiritual questions and hold those and other equipping-for-life and -ministry discussions, and a grab bag of anything else that comes up).

Guests of Indian Creek should be the priority—for all of us. They are a gift from God.

Karmalene and I appreciate your prayers and your patience during this time of transition for our ministry and household. Thank you.

By God’s grace and in His love,

Ed Roche

Love God. Love People. Live Out.
Helping people find their way back to God.

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.
The Holy Bible : New International Version. Grand Rapids : Zondervan, 1996, c1984, S. Heb 10:24.

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